Your Questions Answered
Why buy? 
Because you want to shine a light on the world.  An iconic Light Cane is for you if you are fed up with your traditional drab stick. Or maybe you are looking for a feel-good present for someone feeling depressed or self-conscious over needing a walking aid.

So don’t be a stick in the mud (or, judging by our photo ... a stick in the sand!) as here is your chance to show the world that your lack of mobility does not mean a lack of sparkle. A Light Cane will make you smile and it will make others smile. 

What’s new?
Light Canes combine originality with practicality. They are the only illuminated canes on the market with an easy to use operating system hidden in the handle.
What's wrong with batteries in the ferrule?
If you are unsteady on your feet, it is impractical having the batteries and switch in the cane's rubber foot. You have to balance to operate, plus it is unhygienic to keep pulling off the messy ferrule. Yuk!

However, why not make more practical use of the ferrule by using it to gain extra stability?
For little extra cost we can personalise your light cane with a flexyfoot sprung ferrule of the type illustrated.

Can it replace a trekking pole? 
No. These canes are not sprung and because the tubes are hollow, it makes them more suitable for urban use where the terrain is less rugged.  More the Chelsea Tractor brigade than the jungle warrior! 

Thus, unlike our photo, they are not suitable for budding Darth Vaders wanting to do battle with a light saber.

Can the batteries be powered in situ?
No. Our designer considered incorporating a USB power link, but it makes the handle look untidy. 

Can the canes fold?
No, as this would be technically too difficult with wires running down the tube. Anyway, why would you want hide away such a fashion statement? 

The good news is that your LightCane will be cut to a length you specify, making it 100% personal to you. Kids and grandkids be warned!

   When ordering, measure your current walking stick from top of handle to bottom of rubber base (known as the ferrule).

Can I have multi-coloured lights?
If you must. But you are buying an elegant designer walking cane not a candy floss stick! Have a look at the Barley Canes on the bottom of Pick A Stick page.
How far do the lights project?
The lights are not directional. The LED string is designed to draw attention to the user rather than light the way. Cyclists and drivers will certainly see you!
Can I buy on the High Street
No. We are a family business providing exclusive products; we do not even sell on Amazon as too impersonal. But we do sell worldwide and our first ever sale was to India.
Who buys them? 
People who like originality. So stick to your guns and treat yourself to an uplifting present, or just buy one for a friend needing a pick-me-up. Either way they are designed for those who love to be different and are not backward in coming forward.

Why doesn’t my Light Cane work?

Come on – don’t give us stick! We made this last question up as there is nothing not to work as long as you put charged batteries in the holder with the positive (+) ends pointing outwards.