The Sparkler     

These sturdy 25mm diameter clear polycarbonate tubes display dainty LED lights. 

A choice of silver, gold or red glitter stalks are offered as standard infills. These twigs shimmer even when the lights are turned off. 

    The Barley Cane 

An elegant & lightweight walking stick, displaying clear lights inside a 19mm diameter spiral acrylic tube. The LEDs even show up during the day.

As the shaft is thinner it is less robust and thus best suited for our more petite clients (up to 10 stone). No infill options to complement the lights.

An original and personalised gift like no other!

Cane & Able?

Well, we hope so and they certainly have the feel good factor.  But which cane is for you? Our photos will help you decide ....

The Sparklers >

   Pictured with the three standard options of coloured glitter stalks. 

   On the Home Page is a photo of a Special* using plain red lights to emphasis the red stalks. It is really popular as a festive or romantic gift; it is even liked by Steampunks!  

   On the About page, the picture shows how Sparklers look with no glitter stalk infill.

The Barley Cane >

   This is a more dainty stick. The close-up photos on this page are of Specials* with girly pink or blue lights. See how the spiral acrylic diffuses the coloured lights. 

Both designs are practical and easy to use, having a unique single finger click operation in the sturdy handle. 

* Please used this this website to order non-standard Specials.